3 Paw Jack, The Second Chance Superdog #1

Can I talk to you for a minute?

Who wouldn’t love a great beach dog like me?  Just look at that face!But just a few years ago I wasn’t such a good looking guy. A person I thought was my forever friend abandoned me. They walked out and left me in a house that was over 100 degrees with no water and no food. Worse yet, my back leg was really hurt bad and only hanging on by skin and fur. I was grateful when a neighbor heard me barking for help and the police broke in to take me to the animal shelter. But because I was so beat up I was pretty sure I was going on the list to be “put down”, which is a nice way of saying my short life was about to end.

You see, many of my friends that are picked up or dumped at shelters are just like me. Abused, sick, and sometimes even injured. Maybe not as bad as I was, but still in bad shape.

Unfortunately, most shelters have limited resources. They have to spend their time and money on the healthiest dogs that someone will choose to be there forever friend someday.

I remember looking back at my leg and knowing there was nothing I could do. It was a lonely, empty feeling and I pretty much knew it was  over for me. But Palm Beach Animal Care and Control took a chance. They decided that maybe if they took off my leg and got me healthy again someone might still want a 3 Paw Jack.

After my operation I knew that even with only three paws I could prove I wasn’t a loser. Every time someone walked by my cage I jumped up and came over wagging my rear end with no tail. I wanted to show every one of them I could be their new forever partner. I might be one paw short, but I still had that lovable face! And I’m smart too. How else could I write this?

I hit the doggy lottery. I found a forever home with two other furry rescue guys and now I live the good life. I even go to the beach every chance I get.

But I never forget how close I came to the end, and I don’t hesitate to ask for hand outs. I’m asking you now. Just a couple of bucks, or maybe even some unopened cans of dog food dropped off at a shelter will help keep guys like me stay alive. Local shelters need forever friends like you. Won’t you help take care of my abused friends?

Don’t forget to tell them 3 Paw Jack sent you!